A rural area tucked in the valley between the Catskills to the north and the Shawangunks to the south. It's a real beauty.

Welcome to Kerhonkson

Kerhonkson, tucked between two mountain ranges, the Catskills to the north and the Shawangunks to the south, is an area blessed with natural beauty.  Inappropriately dubbed the ‘Ker-Hamptons’ by a recent New York Times article, it is area that very much retains its rural character.

Kerhonkson, NY Real Estate Insights

Like other areas in the Rondout Valley, the Kerhonkson, NY real estate market offers a diverse collection of homes with a landscape that includes farms, winding country roads and mountain views. In recent years, there have been a number of buyers that have renovated some older homes. Two developers recently made Kerhonkson a focal point, Hudson Woods and Catskill Farms.  We know both of these developers quite well and can offer you insights on both. The median price for homes for sale in Kerhonkson, NY is about $285K, however, the range of prices is quite broad including a number of $1MM+ homes. 

The People and the Lifestyle

Celebrities, artists, professionals and creatives have homes in this area.  There is a strong farming history in Kerhonkson, so whether you want to dive into farming or just start a garden, you’ll have all sorts of resources upon which to draw.  

Insider Tips


  • ​​​​​​​Rough Cut Brewing. Bookshelves and a fireplace greet you upon arrival and capture the essence of this place; a low-key, homey feeling brewpub with really good food. The beer selection changes regularly and the burgers and nachos here are worthy of return trips which we frequently make from our home in Accord.  Locals love this place.  
  • Gaby's Mexican. While technically in Ellenville (the next town over), residents of Kerhonkson regularly visit this spot.  
  • Kerhonkson Diner. No nonsense and no frills (and no website). Straightforward diner fare right in the heart of the town.


  • Kelder's Farm. Beyond being a local farm stand with a robust community supported agriculture (CSA) program, it is one of the largest u-pick farms in the area with berries, apples, pumpkins, etc.  A massive bouncy ‘trampoline’ dome is a magnet for kids.  If that gets boring, there is an ‘antique’ mini golf course and hay rides in the fall.
  • Ravenwood. Housed in a meticulously renovated 19th century barn, Ravenwood is open on various weekends as a pop-up farm shop. Founders Chris Lanier and Dana McClure have created a space that celebrates New York’s distinct seasonality and connects city dwellers to their rural outposts. We come here for the delicious pastries and local produce and end up hanging out for hours to chat with our neighbors.  
  • Catskill Native Nursery. If you buy Catskills real estate, it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up trying your hand at some gardening or landscaping.  This nursery is a gardener’s heaven where the focus is on native species of all things botanical.  And the owner’s local knowledge is a big help in selecting the right plantings. 
  • Damn Good Honey. A great local spot to pick up very fresh locally-sourced produce, products and, most importantly, honey.  Damn good honey. 


  • Catskills real estate buyers looking to connect with nature will find Kerhonkson’s close proximity to both the Shawangunk Mountains to the south (where you’ll find both the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park) and the Catskills Mountains to the north, a major selling point.  

Should you have any questions about Kerhonkson real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We regularly meet clients for coffee in either NYC or the Kerhonkson area to share our local knowledge of the areas and the market and to assist with searching for Catskills real estate.

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