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Selling an Upstate Home? Five Things to Consider

If you're considering selling your home in the Catskills or Hudson Valley, now might be the time. But, before doing so, you want to select a listing agent that knows how to navigate this market and maximize the value you receive.

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Catskills Real Estate: August 2020 Market Report

If you’re thinking about buying Catskills real estate, it's a good idea to understand the current market conditions.

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Buying in the Catskills? Six Questions to Consider

You live in the city and want a weekend escape where you can breathe in some fresh air, connect with nature, and commune with friends/family. Get the ball rolling by pondering these questions.

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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?

A listing agent has a vested interest in selling you a particular home. As a buyer's agent, our only interest is finding you the right home, irrespective of who's selling it.

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First Time Catskills Buyer: Financing

We get it, you're excited about buying a place in the Catskills but before you let loose your imagination, you've got some basic financial leg work to make this dream a reality.

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The Inevitable Bonfire

One of the benefits of owning real estate in the Catskills: bonfires whenever you like.

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If you buy a place in the Catskills, there will be many evenings spent outside on a porch or a deck.

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Goat saliva, cow hair, strawberry juice and dirt. My toddler’s hands have never been dirtier and he’s never been happier.

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First Time Buyer? Push Pause.

You’ve fallen in love with a place in the Catskills and you’re ready to make an offer. Push pause.

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An Exhaustive Anatomy of a Catskills Real Estate Purchase

Before you buy a home in the Catskills, it's helpful to understand exactly what it will entail, step-by-step. So here goes.

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