Joseph Satto


We’ve just wrapped up our visit to Kelder’s farm, a 200-year old farm in the picturesque Rondout Valley. Although adults are welcome, kids are catered to.

Before driving down to the valley for some picking, we are greeted by the entire cast of Old MacDonald’s farm, ready to be fed and petted. Our 19-month old has his first up close and personal meet-and-greet with cows, pigs and goats. Such is his interest and enjoyment that getting him to leave to do some picking tests all of our recently developed diversionary parenting tactics. Eventually he relents and we take the short drive down into the valley.

First stop, a massive strawberry patch. The strawberries we pick are among the best strawberries we’ve tasted, impossibly sweet and juicy and seemingly wholly unrelated to the strawberries you get from Driscolls or other large-scale operations.

Next stop, snow peas, crisp and flavorful. I start out thinking I’m picking a pint but as I continue to toss back a few of these green gems, I end up with a quart.

Last stop, kale. We tear a few large bunches of each Lacinato and Russian varieties and then drive back up the hill to pay for our hand-picked deliciousness.

​​​​​​​Foodies will appreciate the taste of locally-grown fresh produce, parents will love the many attractions and distractions geared towards kids. It’s a day well spent.

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