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Buyers: All of the buyers we represent are city dwellers looking for a weekend escape in the Catskills. We regularly meet these clients in the city or upstate to talk about the different areas to consider, the market and how to craft an effective search. For the past eight years, we've split our time between Brooklyn and the Catskills, so we're intimately familiar with the nuances of owning a weekend home as well as the various counties/areas in which to consider buying. Of course, this is information we're happy to share with you when we meet. Sellers: Because we split our time between Brooklyn and the Catskills, we maintain connections to a deep pool of city dwellers looking for second homes. We know what they want and are willing to pay and this helps us price homes properly to maximize a seller's return. We also have thousands of followers on Instagram as well as influencers with whom we work. With these marketing tools, we’re able to reach very large audiences. More eyeballs equals more competition which ultimately translates to more money in a seller's pocket.

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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?

A listing agent has a vested interest in selling you a particular home. As a buyer's agent, our only interest is finding you the right home, irrespective of who's selling it.

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