Selling an Upstate Home? Five Things to Consider

Joseph Satto


It’s an historic moment in the Catskills and Hudson Valley. There has never been this many buyers looking to purchase an upstate home. Some buyers are re-allocating resources originally earmarked to buy a city apartment while others are finding that working remotely may a long-term option. Even families are enrolling children in less densely populated schools in country settings where outdoor learning is an option. These are just some of the various factors contributing to what has become an overwhelmingly favorable market for sellers.

So, if you are considering selling your home in the Catskills or Hudson Valley, now might be the time to pull the trigger. But, before doing so, you want to select a listing agent that knows how to navigate this market and maximize the value you receive. To that end, here are five things to consider when making that choice.

Hire a Professional Photographer.  There is nothing more essential to selling your home than presenting it to the public with high-quality imagery. This will dramatically increase eyeballs on your home. And eyeballs generate interest, showings and, ultimately, offers. We have a professional photographer on retainer so that we can quickly bring listings to market. Pro tip: An experienced photographer will want to shoot your home in the best possible light, both literally and figuratively, so if your home looks better at a certain time of day, pass that information along to your agent. You'll also want to be sure that the photographer is equipped with a drone to give potential buyers an aerial sense of the setting and surrounding area.

Extensive Social Media Reach + Access to Buyers. Social media is an important marketing tool in selling a home, however, you want to find an agent that has multiple distribution channels including an impressive website, relationships with social media influencers and connections to active buyers. We have thousands of followers on Instagram and, equally as important, relationships with influencers who can push our listings to hundreds of thousands of followers.  And because we split our time between Brooklyn and the Catskills, we maintain connections to a large pool of active city-based buyers. We know what they want and what they're wiling to pay for an upstate home and this helps us price homes to maximize a seller's return. 

Pick a Smart Pricing Strategy.  There are different pricing strategies to consider when selling your home but you want to be sure you price the home according to what the market will bear. Your agent should be able to provide very specific guidance on this point. While there are many factors to consider (e.g. your level of motivation, the style of your home and the area in which it’s located, amenities, renovations, etc.), in a heated market you want to price a home to generate multiple offers so that it ends in a ‘highest and best’ scenario. By fostering a competitive situation, you will maximize the value you receive. We regularly sell homes above the asking price by implementing this exact strategy.

Reject Accompanied Showings. You want to make it easier for buyers to see your home, however, when you require the listing agent to accompany buyers, you add a layer of complexity to scheduling which ultimately means that inevitably you'll miss out on additional buyers seeing your home. On many occasions, we've had buyers unable to see homes because the listing agent's schedule didn't fit the buyer's schedule. In this market, that is exactly the opposite of what you want. Furthermore, there is very limited value to having the listing agent at the house. Buyer’s agents in this market are trained professionals who will treat your home with respect and follow whatever rules you've set for your showings.

You’re the Expert.  You are the only bona fide expert when it comes to your home. A good listing agent will know that and ask a lot of questions to better understand what makes your home unique and anticipate the questions that potential buyers may ask. Ultimately an inquisitive agent will be best positioned to present your home to the public in the most compelling way possible.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss the Catskills real estate market and schedule a free in-home consultation to assess the value of your home and to discuss the appropriate marketing approach.

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