Top 3 Home Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Homeowners want to maximize the value of their property, and home improvements are a popular way to give it a boost. Whether a homeowner chooses to plan major improvements (e.g. layout redesign, significant renovations, etc.) or minor improvements (e.g. a fresh coat of paint, new fixtures, etc.) some home improvements are more effective than others at raising the value and curb appeal to potential buyers.

Homeowners in the Catskills that are considering listing their homes routinely seek guidance from Catskills real estate agents. Before listing a home on the market, we encourage sellers to consider planning various home improvements to get their property in tip-top shape prior to being viewed by potential buyers. This best-foot-forward approach helps generate more interest from buyers and often results in selling the property for a higher purchase price.

To help you increase the value of your home, experienced Catskills real estate agent Joseph Satto has outlined the top three home improvements to raise a property’s value. By incorporating these upgrades into your home, you’ll be enhancing your property’s desirability and watching its appraisal increase significantly.

Exterior Improvements

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. While first impressions aren’t everything, it’s something that can help draw buyers in and provide a memorable feeling when they’re off to see the next property. This could mean a fresh coat of paint, a staged and styled front porch, or a beautifully landscaped yard. It’s a home improvement that doesn’t necessarily need to be costly but one that can lead to a lasting impression.

One such low-cost alternative is to focus on landscaping. Trim all the shrubs, cut down overgrown branches, patch up the lawn, plant some flowers, and consider adding a few decorative touches, such as a stone pathway to the garden or a few lounge chairs arranged in a seating area, to give your home a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Another fairly inexpensive option is to improve the structure itself, including repairing walkways, porches, and or decks, applying a fresh coat of paint, or installing a new front door. Other upgrades can be far more costly, such as repairing a roof or replacing vinyl siding, but some of these improvements can add significant value and may be well worth the investment.

Bathroom Renovations

If you’re looking for a significant renovation that will almost certainly increase the potential purchase price of your home, focusing on bathrooms is a great place to start. Buyers tend to pay close attention to bathroom design, so investing in a remodel can pay dividends when it’s time to sell.

Based on the condition of your bathrooms, this can be as simple as new tiling and fixtures or more involved with tub and vanity replacements. And a fresh coat of paint is almost always a good idea. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. An elegant, upscale bathroom can have a large and lasting impression on potential buyers, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to discuss with your Catskills real estate agent.

Living Room Enhancements

The living room, where most of the social gathering occurs, is extremely important to city dwellers looking for an upstate home, so this space should be one of your focal points when considering potential improvements. A room that is chic, comfortable, and sophisticated is what most second-home buyers are looking for, whereas a living space that is full of clutter and mismatched pieces indicates a lack of care and enthusiasm. By sprucing up the space with some basic improvements, you’ll increase the value of your home.

Making the space appear fresh and polished is one of the easiest ways to add value. New light fixtures (e.g. lamps, chandeliers), as well as styling a space with rugs and furniture pieces, can quickly transform an average space into something special.

More costly home improvements that can have a profound impact on a home’s value include installing new (or refinishing existing) wood floors, laying down a fresh coat of paint or replacing broken windows.

When it comes to making home improvements, the possibilities are endless. Upgrading the exterior, renovating the bathrooms, and enhancing the living room are three of the top improvements you can make to increase the value of your home, but they aren’t the only options. We always encourage our clients to examine their property closely and take note of any areas that could use a little extra attention and then figure out a strategy to have these issues addressed. Planning and overseeing home improvements may seem like a lot of work, but the effort is well worth it if the result is to improve the design and function of the space to maximize the home’s value.

With years of experience in the Catskills real estate market, Joseph Satto at Fresh Air Realty regularly advises and assists homeowners with improving the value of their property prior to selling. Having handled a diverse array of Catskills homes for sale across its communities, he has extensive knowledge of the home improvement process and what elements of a property give it the highest value. By sharing this knowledge with his clients, Joseph helps homeowners modify and improve their properties to raise their standing in the local market.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Catskills real estate market and are searching for professional guidance, contact Joseph Satto at Fresh Air Realty today. His skilled team with backgrounds in law, finance, and marketing has unmatched expertise, which will ultimately lead to selling your property for top dollar.



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