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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?

Joseph Satto


If you’re looking for Catskills real estate, inevitably you'll see a listing on Instagram or Zillow where the listing agent gushes about the property. And maybe it's exactly as described but as a buyer you need to be mindful of one simple fact; the listing agent's sole focus is to sell that particular house at the highest price. They are not obligated to point out its flaws or potential issues. As demand has sharply increased, we've seen more listings where homeowners and home-flippers give properties a facelift while failing to address underlying issues with the structure and systems (e.g. the roof, septic system, heating/cooling systems, plumbing, structural issues, etc -- aka, the boring stuff). The love affair of purchasing an Instagrammable home can turn to a nightmare if you end up buying a money pit.

This is why you should find a buyer's agent that you trust. You want someone whose sole motivation is finding you the right home, not someone with a vested interest in the sale of a particular home. Here are some benefits to working with a buyer's agent.

Unbiased Advice. As a buyer's agent, we have no loyalty to any particular agency.  We’ll work with any agency that has a listing in which you’re interested.  A listing agent, on the other hand, may steer you toward her own listings or those of her agency. They have a financial incentive to do so.  One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is to contact the listing agent directly and agree to work with an 'independent' agent in the same office (aka dual agency). You probably wouldn't hire an attorney in the same law firm to represent you in a case against your adversary so why do exactly that with one of the largest purchases of your life. You want a zealous and truly independent advocate looking out solely for your interests with no particular connection to the listing agent. 

Expertise in the the Buying Process.  Because we work primarily with buyers, we’re experts at crafting and negotiating offers. Our knowledge of current market conditions, comparable sales and the process in general, will help us work with you to come up with an appropriate offer that will be seriously considered by a seller. We’ll also identify potential issues and pitfalls early in the buying process to avoid having the deal fall apart as the purchase moves toward closing.

It’s Free. The seller pays our commission so it costs you nothing and yet, you get remarkable value. Among other things, we’ll help you narrow your search and identify properties that fit your criteria, give you advice on current market conditions which will help manage your expectations as well as craft competitive offers, and recommend mortgage brokers, local bankers, inspectors and attorneys to assist you in the various steps of the buying process. 

​​​​​​​Should you have any questions about Catskills real estate, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to have a conversation and share our knowledge.

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